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Internet Safety tips for Kids & Teens

Welcome Parents,
Keep your Child Safe on the Internet.

As if we talk about Internet that helps the kids to learn a lot more information as well as to connect with the world, Many Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace can help kids keep in touch with friends, but online predators may be lurking. Teaching your kids Internet safety is an important part of smart parenting.
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Five Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Program ?

Learning computer coding today can help your kid tomorrow

Think your kids are too young to learn to code? Think again.


Coding (also called programming or developing) is telling a computer, app, phone or website what you want it to do. Some educators and experts are calling it the ‘new literacy’—a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics to excel in our rapidly changing world.

Apart from the Studies, Kids also need to learn how to code because computers and connected devices are what will shape their world as they grow up, just as physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology shape our world right now. Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today.

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