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App Development Course for Kids in Chandigarh

App Development Course for Kids in Chandigarh – This course is aimed for kids between 8 and 16 and they’ll learn how to make simple games, stories. It also encourages them to be not only consumers of technology but also creators.“We’re not just trying to encourage people to become developers. We’re trying to encourage children to become creative,”

App Development Course for Kids in Chandigarh helps kids to learn technology from very scratch level of their understanding.  Kids will be taught how to code, u make video games, they’ll be creating 5 wonderful games out of which 3 games would be taught by us, while the remaining 2 would be developed by kids themselves while discussing ideas, using design elements, critical analysis, logical thinking, reasoning, math and problem solving concepts.

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The course is project-based, this means we’ll work though out actual examples that you can modify and play with afterwards.

  1. Cat in Desert
  2. Wizard Boy
  3. Zombie Farm
  4. Ocean Story
  5. Halloween Game

What your kids will learn in this course:

  • Using intuitive building blocks to visually craft simple web games, stories and animations.
  • Grasping programming concepts such as conditions and loops. Taught with a project-based methodology.
  • Make their creations interactive for the users.
  • Share their games and animations so that other people can play and modify them.
  • Most importantly, understand how simple it is to make their creative ideas a reality in today’s world.

Who can Join App Development Course for Kids in Chandigarh?

  • Age group 8 until 16 years old
  • No prior knowledge is required

Modules of App Development Course for Kids in 34 Sector Chandigarh:

  • Introduction to Android
  • Installing Android Studio and Configuring the SDK
  • Android Architecture
  • UI Design and Development
  • Views
  • Android Application Components
  • Activities
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers
  • Fragments
  • Explicit and Implicit Intents
  • Event Handling
  • Toast and Dialog
  • Adding a Splash Screen
  • Custom Fonts
  • Android Menus
  • Web View
  • Audio and Video
  • Tween Animation
  • Tab View
  • List View and Grid View
  • Localisation
  • Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes
  • Data Management with SQLite
  • Location Services and Maps
  • Camera, Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Material Design: RecycleView and CardView
  • App Testing on Emulator, DeviceCode Debugging in Android Studio
  • App Submission Process and Overview

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Phone number: 9878375376 ; 9915337448
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