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KidsLearning: Dhanas

Tuition Center in Dhanas Chandigarh

english speaking course for kids in chandigarh

 Tuition Academy in Dhanas – Certified Tuition Center

Nursery UKG 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Class to 10th Class  – Home Tuition Dhanas Chandigarh

Best Tuition Center in Dhanas Chandigarh –  KidsLearning Provide the Best Home Tuition In Dhanas Chandigarh Our Trained Teachers Visit Your Home and Teach for 1.5-2 hrs daily, 5 days/week.

About Dhanas Chandigarh

Dhanas is a Village Panchayat located in Chandigarh district in Chandigarh, India. Total geographical area of Dhanas village is about 5 km² and it is the 2nd biggest village by area in the sub district.

Call for Free Guidance: 9878375376

We Provide Tuition for

  • 1 st to 10 th Class
  • ICSE,CBSE,State Syllabus.
  • IIT Maths
  • Personal Development Skills.
  • Spoken English
  • Diploma Maths

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